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TWO hair stylists who are also best friends are toasting the growing success of the salon they opened together at Stretford Mall 10 years ago.

Crimpers Adele Flynn and Enith Williams met while they were working at the same hairdressers in the shopping centre 28 years ago, and went on to open their joint venture in the very same premises in 2005.

Their Short Cuts salon has just passed a landmark 15,000 satisfied customers over the decade, and in the New Year they’re aiming to celebrate their big milestone by donating 10% of the proceeds from one week’s trading to a cancer charity.

Enith, 57, went into hairdressing straight after leaving Gorse Park secondary school in her home town of Stretford, where she still lives.

Setting out on a five-year apprenticeship, she started work as a trainee stylist at a salon in what was then known as Stretford Precinct, which was just a couple of doors away from where Short Cuts is now based.

Later, she moved to another salon, called Headlines, which was the forerunner of Short Cuts and where she first met Adele.

Adele, 44, who lives in Leigh, also went into hairdressing right after leaving school.

Over the many years they’ve known each other, they’ve become firm friends, both personally and in business, sharing the ups and downs of life including numerous additions to their respective families.

Explaining how their enduring partnership began, Adele said: “I started work at the former Headlines salon straight from school and it was there I met Enith.

“We became immediate friends and have stayed close ever since.

“In fact, soon after we met up at the salon Enith took me to Paris to see a Michael Jackson concert which we enjoyed very much. How’s that for a good friend?

“When the owner of Headlines closed the business after the lease ran out in 2005 Enith and I decide to take over the salon and rename it Short Cuts.

“We’re now celebrating our tenth successful year in business. We were already good friends and we’ve never regretted also becoming business partners.

“We’ve shared the good and bad times and watched each other’s families grow up. Enith has three daughters aged between 35 and 18 years and also a three-year-old grand-daughter while I have two sons of 23 and 17.”

Congratulating the duo on their enduring success Gareth Wilkins, centre manager at Stretford Mall said: “Enith and Adele are a much loved part of the community here at Stretford Mall.

”Their friendship means the customers love coming in to see them, as Short Cuts has such a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere.

“15,000 customers is a great milestone, and long may Enith and Adele continue with their business in the future.”

Adele added: “It’s been great working in Stretford Mall which is a very friendly centre where everyone knows one another.

“We have lots of loyal customers and many of them have become firm friends over the years.

“We create male and female styles. Our oldest customers are in their 90s and the youngest are in their teens, so we cater for people right across the age ranges, which is nice.

“As a way of marking our 10 years we’ll be donating ten per cent of one week’s takings to Macmillan Cancer, because we both think it’s a fantastic charity which does so much for people in this area.

“Mainly it’s just the two of us who work in the salon but we do have extra help on Friday and Saturdays.

“Over the years most of our children have done little jobs for us too, although none of them have decided to go into the hairdressing business.

“At the moment we have Enith’s 18-year-old daughter Aaliyah Riley and my son Ryan, who is 17, with us.”

Enith said: “It’s amazing to think that in all the years we’ve known each other Adele and I have had only one argument – and that was settled before we went home at the end of the day.”

She added: “Hair styles come and go and what people want changes over the years.

“Back in the 1990s curly styles were popular and now it’s the straighter ones that are in fashion. At the moment, the bob is what everyone seems to want.

“While we’ve been here at Stretford Mall we’ve seen a lot of changes, with different shops coming and going and even the whole centre changing its name.

“All in all it’s been a great 10 years at Short Cuts and now we’re looking forward to the next 10, all being well.”

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