Pure Gym Stretford offers #FreeWorkoutFriday

Personal Trainers at Pure Gym, Stretford, have started offering free workout’s every Friday for Pure Gym members.
Every Friday, Stretford Pure Gym members can pick up a free workout sheet from the entrance of Pure Gym. The workout sheet features a different workout every week and is put together from the personal trainers at the gym. Pure Gym Stretford have given Stretford Mall access to one of their #FreeWorkoutFriday sheets for everyone to try!
To find out more about #FreeWorkoutFriday and for registration information please ask in-store.
Arm Destruction
Complete the following workout as a tri-set (3 exercises back to back)
Complete 3 working sets for biceps and triceps with around 2 minutes rest
This workout is designed to test your strength and endurance (6-12-25)
Benefits of this workout are as follows:
Quick and easy. You will be in and out of the gym in 45 minutes
The sheer volume and intensity will burn major calories.
This is a great workout to make sure every muscle fibre is utilised
Leading to a very lean muscular definition
6-12-25 (Biceps)
6 barbell bicep curls (4010 tempo) – heaviest weight you can use for 6 strict reps
12 dumbbell hammer curls (3010 tempo)
25 barbell reverse curls (2010 tempo)
Alternate Exercises
6 weighed or none weighted palms facing pull ups (4010 tempo)
12 EZ bar curls (3010 tempo)
25 split rope cable curls or dumbbell zottman curls (2010 tempo)
Rest 120-150 seconds and repeat!
6-12-25 (Triceps)
6 weighted or none weighted triceps dips (4010 tempo – torso upright)
12 EZ bar French press (overhead – 3010 tempo – elbows turned in)
25 dumbbell tricep kickbacks (2010 tempo)
Alternative Exercises
6 close grip bench press (4010 tempo – elbows close)
12 EZ or barbell skullcrushers (3010 tempo)
25 close grip/diamond push-ups (2010 tempo)
Rest 120-150 seconds and repeat!
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